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Mindgrove understands the need for space in a preschool. The first image of Mindgrove brings to mind, a vast space in our geographically challenged lives. Our 750 square feet free play area lets your child indulge in his desired activity. Rolling, running, hopping, riding cars or simply scribbling on ‘walls’, in a secure and supervised atmosphere, Mindgrove provides it all!!

We provide children with ample opportunity to engage in recreation activities in a clean and safe way. We utilise the external environment and its various open-ended resources to aid a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. We have a selection of spacious facilities like a jungle gym, amphitheatre, arts and crafts room, yoga area and scribble wall. We also have a cafeteria for moms who stay far and prefer waiting for their children in school.

Mindgrove infuses the best of what the outdoors have to offer, while remaining in the secure confines of the playschool, with a holistically driven educational approach.