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It’s that time of the year again when along with everything else in the morning, your child’s school routine enters the fray. Getting your child ready for school is nowhere as easy as it sounds. And harried, working mothers will vouch for that fact. Ask any working mother and she will definitely vouch for this fact.

All kinds of delaying tactics, challenging situations, subtle rebellion and a full-fledged tantrum, are some things that constitute the beginning of every mother’s day. Your child will try her/his best not to leave the cocoon of your home, to venture into the formal atmosphere of the school. This is true even for children who are already a part of the school ritual. The child is rebelling at the early morning wake-up calls, the getting ready in time process and leaving Mamma so early in the morning.

As realistic as this scenario sounds, there are ways to get around it. All you need is – the patience of a saint!!
No, but honestly, a little preparation goes a long way in helping your child transition into the school routine without you losing your mental balance.

It is very important to start the school routine sometime prior to the actual onset of school. Putting your child to sleep early and waking him/her up early even during holidays will develop the school habit before holidays are over. Although your child may stubbornly refuse to sleep early, waking him early could help you to settle the sleep time as well.

Once school has started, make sure your child has a good breakfast and goes to school. Hungry children are not always pleasant. In addition, discuss the child’s tiffin with her. This will help her decide what she wants to eat and feel important in being a part of the decision. For you, it’s one less thing to worry about!

Most parents feel that doing the homework is enough to ensure timeliness. In actuality, your toddler needs to learn that preparing their bag and stationery essentials a day in advance will help them to be more ready for school the next day. Avoid the last minute rush of packing the school bag and sharpening pencils just before they head to school.

The little ones need a lot of coaxing and settling before they are sent to school. Constantly talking about the friends they will meet, the new teacher they will have, the toys they will play with are some topics that will be worrying the preschooler, which they cannot really verbalize. Another important point is to ensure that the child only hears positive things about their pre-school teacher. Your disapproval or negative comments will carry over to your child, and she will more so not look forward to the school.

Most importantly, assure and re-assure your preschooler that you will be there to receive her or fetch her from school. Your toddler needs the security of knowing that she is coming back to her nest each day, after being away. You can entice her by telling her you will be waiting to hear about her school day every day. This helps the child to verbalize fears or anxieties or teething problems that she may have faced in school.

A warm farewell hug and a big welcome kiss will always go a long way in making your child feel safe, secure, wanted and loved.

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