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The curriculum at Mindgrove is based on active and experiential learning. We focus on the latest developments and current research in the field of early childhood education. It is a unique blend of traditional play way methods and modern technology, the curriculum is very different from other counterparts and will shape the personality of the child in terms of values, skills, analytical knowledge visual perception with interactive tools.

The curriculum will focus on the holistic development through activities facilitating cognitive emotional, social, physical and spiritual development.

It will focus on hands on experience for children along with field trips, special days, culminating activities and learning through exploration.

The curriculum developed by us is of international standards and is supported by Timelife books from Educational Technologies (ETL) & books by Dr. Seuss.

What is ETL Learning?

ETL Learning is a total development program based on Howard Gardener Theory of multiple intelligence. The curriculum uses the latest educational tools, electronic books and digital learning.

The program focuses on three areas of development in children:

Stimulating their natural curiosity encouraging questions and providing answers at their level of understanding.

Developing their abilities to see, hear, speak and think into essential skills like reading, writing, math, computers, language, observation, imagination, listening, perception, logic, reasoning and decision-making.

Teaching basic values like honesty, obedience, sharing as well as subtle attitudes like being open-minded, responsible and accepting others.