Summer camps for kids in Mumbai

Our Story

Mindgrove has been born out of the passion to celebrate the uniqueness of children as individuals. It has been created to help children realize their potential, be curious and interested in the environment around them and enable them to develop well-rounded personalities. We believe that children have the ability to be cultured thinkers and gifted communicators.

They have the keenness to adapt to their immediate surroundings and grasp innumerable languages, thoughts and emotions. We have developed our education system to bring the best to children and to bring out the best in them.

Our Vision

Mindgrove was conceptualized with a desire to provide children with the best quality in terms of the school environment, curriculum and the faculty. We have a vision:

  • To provide children with a culturally rich environment by focusing on their holistic development through multiple activities and academics thereby facilitating cognitive, emotional and physical development.
  • To deliver an environment of global learning through our pedagogy.
  • To encourage children to explore the world that lies outside their homes by providing a safe and stimulating atmosphere.
  • To nurture children to have fully balanced and well developed personalities with a keen sense of traditional values.
  • To encourage parents to be supportive and equal partners in promoting creativity and inculcating values of trust and love in their children.

Our Team

Kashmira Bajaj, Principal

Kashmira brings with her over 12 years of experience in the field of education with reputed institutes. She is a visionary with strong leadership skills and innate people skills. With a qualification in Mass Communication and Instructional Leadership, Kashmira believes that being in-charge isn’t about being the boss; it’s about collaboration, effective communication and about listening. Kashmira comes on board with a passionate drive to bring the Mindgrove vision to life.

Anita Agarwal, Founder

Anita is a graduate from HR College, Mumbai, and has completed her Diploma in Business Management from Regents College, London. She founded Mindgrove with a vision to provide children with a unique learning experience, where through education, hobbies and extra-curricular activities children develop well-rounded personalities.


Our Educational Partners

Educational Technologies Limited (ETL) Hong Kong

ETL Learning is a total development program based on Howard Gardener Theory of multiple intelligence. The curriculum uses the latest educational tools, electronic books and digital learning. ETL Learning is a member of the Marshall Cavendish publishing group. ETL products and technology are developed in Hong Kong. Mindgrove has partnered with ETL because their philosophy matches our vision that helps children develop various skills as they progress through the childhood stages of cognitive development.

SMART Board – Changing Class Rooms

Smart Boards make learning fun for toddlers. With Interactive animals, Interactive Toys, Games, Videos, Body parts, rhymes, musical instruments and other interactive activities, our toddlers are sure to have a rocking time while their grey cells multiply with the plethora of information!!

New Zealand Tertiary

New Zealand Tertiary College qualifications are approved and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) – the New Zealand government entity that oversees quality assurance for all New Zealand assessments and qualifications. NZQA is a UNESCO recognized accreditation body. With a 35 year history NZTC India is proud to offer a range of internationally recognised, NZQA approved qualifications to support teachers on their career path.

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