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Mother Toddler Program  (MTP)

  • Research has proved that children need to have some activity be it creative or physical in order to achieve holistic development. Similarly, expert speak says that learning begins in the womb. Following up on that diktat, Mindgrove offers a wonderfully designed mother toddler program to cement the beautiful bond between mother and child.

Prep & Playgroup

  • The Prep or Jr Playgroup and the Playgroup class take s children between 18 months to 35 months. At Mindgrove Preschool, we follow an integrated curriculum that imbibes the Play-way, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf and Multiple Intelligence pedagogies, for optimum empowerment of our children. According to Professor Howard Gardener who has developed the Multiple Intelligences theory, educators should not follow one method of instruction. He asserts an amalgamation of several teaching designs enable the educator to personalize their teachings and assessments.


  • Starting at 36 months, children can be enrolled into Nursery. We follow a unique curriculum of Weekly Threads, weavedwith Inquiry based learning & Creative expression. The preschool syllabus is based on age and development of children. It is a blend of activities of individual and group activities, play and learning, child centered and teacher initiated activities.


  • A specially designated area that caters to children of working parents, with one difference. Mindgrove offers a structured curriculum for children who enroll in our daycare, keeping in mind that learning is an ongoing process. A variety of custom made programs, which take care of every parent’s need, and ensure active engagement for the child while they are here.

Birthday Parties

  • We also offer the use of our premises for your child’s special day. The 950 sq ft podium area can be converted into your fantasy to celebrate your child’s birthday.