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Have you ever tried doing yoga with your child?

Yoga is a 5000-year- old fitness regime that culminated in India but now is a rage the world over. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means Union. In this case a union of mind and body. Yoga has numerous benefits that have an impact on both.Right from stress reduction to increasing patience and attention span to improving flexibility and in general leading a better life are a few advantages of doing yoga. Over the years yoga has benefitted millions of people around the world making them fitter, more attuned to their body and adding to their peace of mind. And what better way than to do it along with your toddler!!

Children need a lot of physical activity to channelize their energy. Doing yoga helps in channelizing that energy in a positive way. It is also a wonderful way to bond with your child. Rather than watching a common television programme, ask your child to help you do your exercises. Children love to be teachers. At the same time, encourage them to try the poses and hold the pose by counting for them. The child can be challenged by asking him to hold each pose for one more count each time.

You do not need any equipment for yoga. An anti-slip rubber mat or a yoga mat starts you off on the right foot to this age-old tradition. Start off with simple breathing exercises and move on to the various ‘asanas’ suitable for your child. A little online research and you can be the mentor as well as enjoy a beautiful partnership in each session.

With Yoga children learn to be more aware of their bodies and proper breathing techniques, as well as improve their posture and increase attention span. The ‘asanas’ have interesting names such as cat pose, lion pose, warrior pose, bow pose, easy pose and so forth, which can tickle a child’s imagination. If you make the sessions fun, you can be rest assured that you have put your child on the track of lifelong fitness.

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