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Mindgrove has been born out of the passion to celebrate the uniqueness of children as individuals. Situated in South Mumbai, Mindgrove offers education that is a balance between formal learning and learning through play. The school offers a strong sense of community and provides a warm and nurturing environment. We at Mindgrove ensure that the children are getting the best possible care at this important stage of their learning journey.

Our Programs

Mother Toddler Program

Experts often say that learning begins in the womb. Also, children are keen to explore the world and are untiringly curious...

Prep & Playgroup

The Prep or Jr Playgroup and the Playgroup classes cater to children between 18 to 35 months. At Mindgrove Preschool...


Starting at 36 months, children can be enrolled into the Nursery. We follow a unique curriculum of weekly threads...


Childcare is a complex task and requires specialized knowledge and skills to enable cultivating the child’s development.

Safe and Secure


Our aim is to have an all women’s team, which will focus on creating a safe, nurturing environment for your child. Our all women staff will ensure that your child’s safety is a top priority at all times.


We intend to offer round-the clock Safety First, which can be accessed by you at any given time. A safe, clean and healthy environment is our mission at Mindgrove. Only if children feel safe, they are happy.


Mindgrove takes no chances with hygiene and cleanliness. Our washrooms are cleaned and sanitised at the beginning and end of every day. They are also equipped with a diaper changing station and fully stocked with daily essentials.

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